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Fast Facts About Gynecomastia - Icd 9 Code For Male Gynecomastia

Man boobs or 'Moobs' are often the butt of other people's jokes but it is no joke - it is a very real condition. And it can be a very distressing and upsetting one at that. The medical term for this condition is Gynecomastia. This is where the man has an abnormal amount of breast tissue that enlarges so that it ends up closely resembling a woman's breasts. And literally anyone can suffer from it, even if you are not particularly over weight. It is believed that a third of the population suffer from Gynecomastia. It can affect confidence and self-esteem; cause no end of embarrassment, especially when wearing certain clothes. And you may even feel as though you are becoming feminine. The good news is there is a successful solution without having to resort to painful, risky surgery.

It is Gynexin Alpha Formula; a unique and totally natural propriety formula specially designed by leading doctors and scientists which is shown to reduce the fatty breast tissue (subcutaneous adipose) in the mammary glands. It is a far safer and convenient alternative to abolishing this embarrassing problem. It works by targeting the fatty cells (subcutaneous adipose tissue) in the mammary glands and helps to reduce their size and quantity, leaving you looking and feeling like a man again!

It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day, before each meal. You must not take any more than 4 tablets over a 24 hour period. You should typically aim to drink 8oz of water. It can take time for any product to work and depends on the individual; however in 2-3 weeks the majority of people begin to see results. Your torso will start to appear and feel firmer. Once your midsection fat seems to have reduced this is a sign that Gynexin is starting to get to work. After 3-6 weeks you will start to see a significant improvement, you can lower your dosage a day to maintain the great results.

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Gynexin is generally safe for everyone over the age of 18 to use but you should make sure that if you are taking any prescription medication you consult a doctor beforehand. If you have any stomach conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or a thyroid or liver condition do not take Gynexin without checking with your doctor first. Gynexin may cause stomach irritation and increased heart rate, though this is not common, but if it happens to you discontinue use immediately.

Gynexin is an excellent alternative to dangerous and costly surgery, think of the risks involved, scarring, unsatisfactory results, something could even go wrong! If you do not want to spend your life hiding away wearing baggy jumpers, shying away from activities such as swimming for fear of ridicule once everyone sees your chest, then you need to try Gynexin. In as little as 6 weeks you could be back to your old self again minus the boobs.

Icd 9 Code For Male Gynecomastia - Tablet Male Breast Decrease Might Be Right For You if you would like for another method of the drastic way of surgical operations. Surgery is not only hurting and also unpleasant, but it definitely will leave permanent scaring and be extremely expensive. Most Gynecomastia steps money spent between $5,500. and $9,500. More health insurance companies consider it a cosmetic and elective process and will not cover the cost. If you are surgery should be avoided, why not try?

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Icd 9 Code For Male Gynecomastia

Icd 9 Code For Male Gynecomastia - 'Man Boobs' is the term used for a man with excessively enlarged breast tissue; its medical term is called Gynecomastia. Not to be confused with the well defined pectoral muscles that can be achieved through body building, Man boobs are not defined, they are not firm, they are soft, often droopy and do closely resemble women's breast in their appearance. It can stop a man having any self-confidence and self esteem, can stop him taking part in certain activities, stop him wearing certain clothes and possibly stop him wanting to get intimate with a woman. Although a lot of people find man boobs quite entertaining, nothing could be further from the truth for a Gynecomastia sufferer. They may have tried all sorts of things to shift the man boobs, from going on a diet to exercising, but sadly when it comes to Gynecomastia this does not help as it is not caused by being overweight. It is unknown what the root cause of Gynecomastia is; however there is a way of treating it without having to resort to a surgical procedure.

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